Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring animals

I have mice. No big deal. There's a brown one and a white one. My daughter calls them by some highly complicated Japanese name and I get to clean the cage. They're nice mice--I call them brown mouse and white mouse. I have no imagination, lol.

Crows, mice and rats? I have this thing about smart animals. Ravens? Maybe not so much. Sometimes you get the feeling they're so smart they're malicious. Maybe why there are so many legends about Raven the Trickster.

But the other day, my youngest was out in the garage and comes pounding on my door. "Mom," he cries. "Don't go out in the garage without combat boots."

Of course, I had to ask why.

"There's a snake. In the garage somewhere. It keeps hissing."

He knows I hate snakes. Of all the animals out there, I hate'em. Doesn't matter if it's a tiny three inch squiggle. It's a freaking snake.

I avoid pet stores with snake rooms. I go "around" snake houses at the zoo. Snakes bother me on some kind of fundamental level. I like birds--but when my kid (same one, and why is that?) put my all new bird feeder on a stick out in the middle of the untamed wild that is my backyard, I knew damned well I'm not stepping one foot (even in a combat boot) into the tall grass. I started for it last year and just as I reached open ground heard the tell-tale quick slither.


Under the deck away from me.

I figured--it's gone. It lives under the deck. It's a "garden snake" (which everyone tells me is non-venomous and scared of humans). Live and let live as long as it doesn't get some kind of idea to crawl up on my deck and scare the living bejeesus out of me.

Now it's in my garage behind the garbage can. It goes hiss.

Guess who used to take out the trash. Guess who won't take out the trash anymore?

Spring is not fun. I'd be happier with pollen.


Alice Audrey said...

So I shouldn't tell you about the time I was crossing the front hall... *evil grin*

I've got no beef with snakes, but I really wish people wouldn't keep sticking them in my face and telling me to pet them. Snakes and tarantulas. What is it with people?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I don't like them either. Whenever we go camping, we run into these little snakes that live up at Shanty Creek. The Redneck thinks they're awesome. I don't.
He gave me crap about not getting in the water when there were three slithering around in it. Yeah, this from the man who freaks out when a spider is in our bathroom. Whatever.
I don't like spiders either, but I leave them alone.
Unless they drop down in front of me. Then they have to die. LOL.

Jeanna said...

I got no beef with snakes either, and go a looking for rattlers every year on my birthday and before. No luck so far, but I feel they're watching me and laughing.
There is something fundamentally disturbing about snakes, but it's not their fault and I got to hold a fox snake or the like once at the herpetarium. Very weird, both dry and slippery at the same time.
You're too far up north and cold to have venomous snakes aren't you?
I interviewed these snake geeks who said "It would be an honor" to get bitten by a Massagaua.

jodi said...

Alice--my mom told me about when she was coming inside, a snake followed her through the door and she screamed, "SNAKE!" and then realized there was no one to hear her so she swept it out with a broom. I think I would have went and sat out in the car until someone came home. But, yeah--I know what you mean about snake and spider people, and why are they the same people?

Hey, Jen...spiders don't bother me, but the bother my kids. It's weird. "little snakes, smiddle snakes", I wouldn't get in the water with one either. Your husband is ev-il.

Jeanna...I dunno what to say about snakes that laugh at you. It's like the crows recently. I've been making my normal kissy-sounds when I come out of work and they sit up in the tree and stare at me. I think they're laughing. Or maybe they're not hungry anymore.

Y'know? I asked someone about it, and he said there are rattlers, but they live in the central and eastern half of WA. THEN he said, but I don't think snakes know where the dividing line is, it's not like they have GPS, lol.

Jeanna said...

Yes, the crows are laughing at you.
You probably have the sweet baby rattlers like we do down here.
Hopefully I find me a lucky birthday rattler this year and name 'em "Jodi."

deanna said...

I'd go look for your garage snake and try to catch him. I'm the spider-freak, snake-okay person (checking under my covers before climbing in bed each night for eight-legged interlopers, sheesh).

Unhinged said...

Hee, hee, hee! Hey, snakes are God's creatures, too.

(Bwahahahahaha! Poor Yodi.)

Alice Audrey said...

As my mother would say, we do what we have to. Kicking a snake out isn't as big a deal if it's just reflex.

Kaycee James said...

I don't do snakes either. :-)