Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's been a long week

Work, homework and the flu all hit at the same time, then I fried my lungs because I thought the drain cleaner was gone. Never clean the tub when it's full of sulfuric acid. I was coughing and wheezing and thought I was going to die. A whole year of clean living wasted. It felt like I was back in the trenches. Hard to breathe, nothing to do about it--just waiting for it to blow over.

I spent a day at Uwajimaya's. Most of the time it's full blown pandemonium, but luckily there was a "sun break" and the already burnt to a crispy turn Seattlites ran outside, leaving the store deserted.

Nice store, it's one of my favorites. I love the food court. It has a Beard Papa's, which if you've never tried it is sort of a cross between a bakery and Jenny Craig. The food is delicious, but when they say slice of cake, they mean pencil-width.

I took a walk down past the fish aisle--

--because I've been watching what I eat--but when it comes to curly food or durian I just keep walking.

The deli has duck, but I wasn't in the mood. I gorged a few weeks ago--14.99 for a whole duck and it takes awhile to build up a craving.

Two hours later I gave up and stopped at the Great Wall for shrimp.

You're supposed to eat everything, but I can never get past the eyes.


Jeanna said...

You have a lot of food that looks you in the eye, don't you? That fish is laughing at me. I'm not paranoid.
You can keep your pencil thin cake thank you very much, but I like veggies that look like toys (if that's what that is).
What a deal on duck, the last thing you'd want if you had the flu. Love it though, takes forever to cook, and now you've got me thinking it's time I improved my duck cooking skills.
Hope you feel better, you're too clean, it's going to get you in trouble.
And of course...
(thanks for the candy from this place)

Unhinged said...

I could never eat something with its eyes still in it...just the thought gives me the willies. Why leave the eyes there in the first place?! It seems so in-your-face. And disrespectful to the poor little critter, too.

We're lucky to be at the top of the food chain.

How are you pronouncing Uwajimaya's? (Oo-wahj-i-mi-ah?)

jodi said...

Jeanna--that fish was laughing at me too. Yes, that curly thing was actually some kind of melon--okay, more like a cucumber, but it's supposed to be cooked. It's just too pretty to eat, and the big brown thing (with my horrible camera out of focus) is a durian. The smell from hell, and supposedly the taste of a custard apple pie. I can't get past the smell. You crack one open and it's evacuate the building time.

And you're welcome. Thought you'd find it interesting. :) Happy Easter!!

Hey, Andi--my kid likes the eyes, and my mom says the head adds taste. I pretend it's peel it yourself shrimp and take off the tail, the head and any nasty gutty things I don't like the looks of.

Happy Easter!!

It's pronounced OU AAJ G Mai ya, with the OU AAJ all slurred together, but people pronounce it lots of different ways. If you simply tell people you're going to Chinatown, people assume you're going to Uwajimaya's, although Uwajimaya's is Japanese. Kind of weird.

Jeanna said...

Dang, I didn't get your package back yet, which is a very bad sign. Talk about the War At Home. (sorry, bad esoteric pun)
Do you think they have the stinky apple custard thing at Asian stores here?

Unhinged said...

Andi snickers at the idea of Jeanna cracking open one of those whatchamacallits that necessitate evacuationgasp

and then blurgs at the idea of one of Jodi's LIKING eyesbig chokey-sound gasp

(oh yeah, Happy Easter!)

Alice Audrey said...

I thought you weren't supposed to get up to the eyes.

I had a cousin a couple times removed from Texas who had never had shrimp until his 20's. Yes, I mean west Texas, not those gulf people. Anyway he came back from a trip to the Eastern end of the state and said he'd finally had some, and they were good, but he couldn't get past the crunchiness.

Jeanna said...

When we visited relatives who had a resturant in Naples they served us fried shrimp with the shell still on.
They couldn't get over that we came to Italy and ordered fried food, but aimed to please.