Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey now--persistantly annoying?

I'm all about financial aid. God knows, I put enough money into my taxes (and pay more at the end of the year) to want a little something in the here and now. Since I put off doing my taxes, I also put off doing my FAFSA. The deadline is coming up and while I was filling out my supplemental financial aid request (because school is weird like that, it's required) I "re-found" my school-specific scholarship request. (It was on the desktop. Guess I was so used to seeing it I...uhm "didn't" see it.)

So--why not? Money is good. I could use a little more for books and stuff--those things are expensive.

I filled it out, now I'm writing a two page "please help a poor-Jodi" letter (also required). I spent yesterday hitting up (okay, twisting arms in a nice way) people to write me letters of recommendation.

Easy. "Would you agree I'm poor? You pay me, right? You know how much I make. Would you agree I'm dedicated to whatever I want to do--not involving here? Great! Sign here, and thank you."

Funny how people always put the paper-stuff down. I'll get to it soon, they say. Me, "let me help you do that while you fill this out. I got it from the office, and look--I brought a pen!" Them, "Is there a category for persistently annoying?"

Me. "You meant proactive, right?"

Corporate-speak. "I believe Jodi will succeed at anything she decides to achieve."



Kaycee James said...

Love your blog!

deanna said...

You didn't ask for my recommendation?! "Someone who reads Jodi's blog thinks she could use any money you can throw at her, because, hey, I can tell from the internet that she's cool!" ;o)

jodi said...

Thank you for stopping by, Kaycee. :) I love my blog, too. Now only if it wrote itself, lol.

Deanna, you weren't available or I definitely would have dropped by with pen and paper in hand. Do you know I used to walk around saying--"don't say thanks, throw money." But no one threw money. It was sad. :)

Jeanna said...

Yeah, damn, sometimes you have to write that shit out for them and have them sign their names.
So very glad I'm not in school, officially anyway. Get twisted in knots this time of year whether in or out.

jodi said...

It's probably taxes. Taxes suck big time. :(

Yeah, I pretty much had the "talk" with them. People always seem to get flustered when it comes to writing recommendation things.

Jeanna said...

Twisted in knots because I was in school (and sometimes still am) so very, very long. Finals coming up, you see, like sympathy pains.