Monday, March 16, 2009

Not dead yet

No--despite people who've poked me (my kids mostly) I'm not dead yet. Just passed out from lack of sleep. Now that final exams are over, I have most of my brain back, groceries are in the refrigerator and the laundry is clean again. I'm still thinking about the bathrooms. They're clean, but could be cleaner, and I'd sure like to wash the floor mats in my car.

I've knocked a chunk out of my to-do list, and have time (luxurious time!!!) to get the rest tomorrow. I feel really good.

I also did a long post over on RD, which I plan to blog--probably tomorrow. It's specific to Lauren because I'd be a bad mentor if I just wrote general stuff, but I can see how it applies to all kinds of things. It's always great when you have one of those, "I see how it works now" moments.

It hailed today and in general wasn't good for getting out of the house. Which works because my kid wants to go antiquing, and I don't have the cash. Hopefully by the time the weather clears, I can put some money aside and take her out for skeleton keys and knick-knacks. I don't spend enough time with my kid anyway.

I did get a fan mail today--my first. Not for my book or anything, but for my resource articles. It's pretty cool. I'm moving up in the rankings for the transformational character arc, fourth only to UNK, mysteryman and Wikipedia. It's kind of geeky, but I'm happy.

Now to knock out the rest of my to-do list.


Eva Gale said...

I will by laying around listening to my writing CDs, so sweetly mailed to me by an insanely busy person who took the time out to find a Post Office.

Jeanna said...

Congrats, consider this another piece of fan mail.
Dear Jodi,
I don't know what you're talking about most of the time because I took the easy way out and write consumable fluff plus I have the attention span of a squirrel.
And thanks, btw, for getting me to think about the little tree rats some more, now every time I go to the fridge I picture one standing on a wheel of cheese.
So thank you for being you and helping me with my diet.
Your Fan,

Alice Audrey said...

Knocking out the rest of your to-do list? *hopeful eyes*

Unhinged said...

Ohhh! My head hurts too badly right now, but I want to pull a Jeanna! For now, this'll have to suffice:

Dear Jodi, you rock! Sleep tight tonight.

Your fan,

p.s. In order to sleep tight, you must actually crawl into the bed and get under the covers, woman.

deanna said...

Welcome back to the land of the living and the list-completing (though they always grow again, no?). I'm a fan, too! One of the reason you're so high in the rankings (except, um, I don't know where to go to help with that...). May you enjoy some free time.

jodi said...

you're welcome E/bri--if it wouldn't snow so much *grumble grumble* I'd be able to get to the Post Office faster.

lol, Jeanna--I love tree rats, I keep corn cobs out for them, and considering they eat the hell out of my bird feeder, I think I'm the best friend those furry rodents have in this neighborhood.

You know I love your blog--half the time I snort stuff out through my nose, and the other times I go, "gurk!" The brains? Remember them? The rabid kid you made jump in the air for candy? (although I loved that...) And the two buck bar? (it was sooooo cheap)

yes, Alice--knocking out the rest, hopefully very fast. :)

Andi--you said the "s" word. Sleep. Bad you. I think I've gotten, hold on--had to, what's seven times three? Uhm...twenty one. Twenty one hours of sleep in the last week. (they say sleep deprivation makes you slow like you're drunk or something, I think they're right.)

Deanna--I think it's because the sheer geekiness of the topic makes me hit high (in the admittedly small field.) Thank you, I think I'd like some free-time, if I could only get my OCD clean-gene to stop scrubbing the walls because the light caught them a certain way and it's spring. :)

Jeanna said...

As long as it's going out your nose, Jodi woman.
Hey, I was supposed to be writing you fan mail.
You never had one of those little bastards (squirrels not sugar Jonesing children) jump on your bike rack and make you their bitch. Not to mention the blatant pilfering of laundry, I mean it's not like I have that many socks that match.
Okay, this is good, word ver: daygo
(Yes, I'm half Italian.)