Thursday, February 12, 2009

My cp, Cowboy--the WebGod

Not happy with giving me a website for Christmas, and updates for birthday presents, my cp, Cowboy has given me an archived blog post page. One of many, I know, because as he says, "You write some incredibly involved titles, and WHAT THE HELL???!!! You went to three divs on this post??"

I'm wordy when I get up on my soapbox. If I ever get a podcast up and running, you can bet anyone unfortunate enough to listen to me will be saying, "please...just get to the point!!" Not that'll be anytime soon, I had to figure out what a podcast was. My kids all looked at me like I'd broken out into some kind of foreign language. My daughter broke out Youtube's "Ask a Ninja", and the ninja explained only people over the age of twelve don't know how to create a podcast. Guess that means me. And here I was wanting to be a Ninja too, lol.

uhm...oh, before I unveil my spiffy new resource page, I did want to ask....anyone got ideas for my front page? *wheedle*

We're replacing the rotating news ('cause I never have any news)with something static. I was thinking, well--maybe a statement of some kind (okay, that was Cowboy's idea. He wants me to have a mission statement) and I was thinking, "I wish I was Lisa Gardner", because I love her brilliant blue and blood page, with it's "kill a friend, maim a buddy" contest. And why couldn't I think of that? I'm horribly boring in real life, and I sure don't have a mission statement. And...when he gets around to it, he's going to replace my links on the sides, because it reverted to the original links when he updated, and maybe (yes, I know you're listening, Cowboy) just maybe? Fix the first resource page links, 'cause I'd never say something like. "These are a few books I found useful and informative." (and that's why I link straight to the archives, lol)
maybe? Good books. Read them. or...good books, read them. Boy, I am boring.

I need help.

ta-dah! My new resources page. And after a second look--wow. I did that? It's a cohesive set of thoughts on character arc, character creation, and organic structure.


Alice Audrey said...

Hey, I remember those posts! :)

What's wrong with the home page you have now?

And no, you are not boring.

jodi said...

I remember them too. That's why I sent them off, it's hard to have a friend who calls every other day, "where's the content? Content--remember that??"

It's cause I don't have something to say every month. I want to change to something that'll stay the same, so it won't date itself, you know, April (of last year) through September. Then...ok, nothing for right now, except I'm blogging (when I have time)

I'm leaning toward having the resources pages (the first resource page) as my homepage. It looks, I it's interesting?


Unhinged said...

Okay, off the cuff here...I think you do really well when prompted. When asked certain things. Questions. (like me, like me)

I'm with Alice.

You are NOT boring. Yeah, you might take a bit to get to the point, but that's just 'cuz you friggen know so awful darn much, and you want to serve it to us on a platter. It'll mean that much more in the end (anyone who doesn't believe that probably doesn't count).

Anyway, I think anyone stopping to read is probably going to know YOU, right? And...will read on as necessary. And ask questions! You love that, right? (If you do, I think you have to be like a scratched record and keep asking for them.)


Scritch, scratch, sigh, fidget.

This is all for now. Stuff occurrith to me as I thinkith it overith.

Pee.Sss! My verification letters are ponfor.

As in...ponder for (a while)

Kismet, itellya.

Jeanna said...

Happy chocolate and rich food to you, Jodi.
I swear to God the Word Ver almost spells linger.

jodi said...

my verification says ockist. Which can be dirty or not, depending on the cleanliness of your mind. :)

Maybe I should ask for questions. Hmm...

Y'know, Unhingey--you're right. Most people dropping by know me and understand me blathering on. I really am working on a podcast, just to say I did one. (it's the ask a Ninja influence, s'truth) I really want a harlequin style talk-talk, or Ninja style goof-video.

lol, Jeanna, see--the ver Gods want you to lingrer. :)

Jeanna said...

Candy Haven, eh, lol.
I want you to have a podcast, how do you do that?

jodi said...

I wish I knew, Jeanna. I'm working on it. :(

Unhinged said...

So...a front page idea...

Well-written teasers that lead to the different articles/posts you've written.

What prompted you to write them in the first place? Was it a question? Maybe you could share that (the thought, or the question) and the (brief teaser) answer could be the hyperlink to the article.

The key is that it has to be an enticement. Do you know what I mean?

Graphics are also good. A photo, or word art, just to hook attention (not cartoony, though).

Just a few ideas.