Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Saturday, the mentor thread went up

I thought I'd have another day, lol.

Of course, getting Lauren Murphy for my mentee is like--oh, I dunno--painting a big target on my back and sprinting through a war zone. So far, I got a new name and lots of people with guns looking in my general direction.

I anticipate lots of new posts, because like I said--I'm my own worst pirate. I hijack myself constantly, 'cause I want to add to my spiffy new sidebar. It's not impressive yet.

Although I have been doing a lot of research into things like "embedding history into character attitude" and "exchanges between characters establish a network of motivations." Which sounds, and is--very dry. I figure I'll let it percolate a little so I can think of a way to say it without people running away.

But in the meanwhile--back to the war zone.


Jeanna said...

You've got me thinking about brains in blood so much now that the only thing I can do at midnight is to go in search of...
Or in my case, just one.

Alice Audrey said...

I haven't been over the the mentor section since Andi faded out. Guess it's time to check in again.

Kaige said...

It's that time of year again, Alice. I always love watching the threads to see what there is to learn.

jodi said...

lol--you'll see me stumbling around trying to be all profound when all I'm thinking is--I wish nobody was watching. I miss that first year.

Kaige said...

Oh, I savored your and MamaD's thread from beginning to end. It was just after the fact so you didn't know it at the time *GRIN*