Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Everything in Moderation--yeah, right.

I am ferociously hungry, and desperate to eat anything that isn't chicken and lettuce. I'm tired of apples, and I'm tired of discovering things that I used to eat now give me hives. On one hand, it's nice to be hive-free and skinnier than I used to be. My jeans fit. *reverent pause* No more muffin top. In fact, they're fairly loose, and starting to slide down off my hips. The way I'm going, I might be a size twelve before conference. And that's a happy sigh if I ever had one.

Wish I could eat real, normal--genuine, salty, fatty, chemically enriched and histamine laden things like cheese and chocolate, and tomato-anything, pizza and--okay, I need to stop because my stomach is growling. It's like a diet with a stick. I eat bad things, the stick hits me. Pavlov and Skinner have nothing on histamine-reactions. I'm being conditioned to eat healthy, good for me things. I actually picked up an apple the other day...and ATE it. Gah.

The two lights in my unrelenting darkness are my writing. Thank you God, I'm clipping along like a kite in a windstorm. I think it's the lectures. Over two hundred of them, and I've listened to most of them twice. After awhile, they get to be background noise and listening lets your mind troubleshoot problem in your wip.

I tell people to read and listen to things they like at least twice, because you bring new insights to your learning. I mean--the old you who listened the first time isn't the new you who now has a grounding in what you were trying to learn the first time. So it's pretty much like a new lecture. Or book.

I really need to read Emotional Structure again. And finish my browse and pick over at Joshua James blog. He's got a whole bunch of old writing posts that I like reading when I have the time.

And Outlook.

If not for the tasks and calendar panes, and the way it syncs into my PDA, I'd be lost. I get daily reminders...appointments and homework and things "to-do". I'm starting to wonder if I should use it to write my grocery list.


Jeanna said...

With the kind of groceries you have to buy these days it wouldn't be a bad idea. And I think there are people who would kill to have your diet forced down their throat. Oh, poor choice of words.
Good job, big pat on the back for you! Think of those baggy pants, woman.
On the other hand, I've lost my mind in a pile of candy wrappers and gyro platters.

Alice Audrey said...

Can you eat legumes? Oranges? Carrots? They've got to be better than apples.

jodi said...

Lol, Jeanna...the baggy pants are the best thing. *sigh* Gyros. You lucky person.

Alice, I can't eat red beans (something about them I don't know why) or acidic things. (which sucks) but I'm edging up to carrots and potatoes. Hopefully I'll be okay with them and expand my horizons. :)

Unhinged said...

It's all about mind-set, Yodi. And you seem to be there, even if you're grouching about it (you wouldn't be human if you didn't bitch, dammit, and I'd be cocking one of my big, ugly black eyebrows in disbelief if ye tried, yanno).

We were actually talking about eating the right foods at work today. Fruits, veggies, beans. No hotdogs. No pizza. Hardly no diary. (I was wailing a little.) The gist of the conversation was that our bodies NEEDED to be all gassy and gross because that's what nature intended.

Now I've got to go buy me a bottle of $18 Beano. Have you got a bottle of Beano?

jodi said...

a bottle of Bean-o. LOL. I've looked at bottles of Bean-o, but I've never actually bought one.

The other day some kid at work said--I kid you not--"The reason I like working here is when you fart, there's so much noise going on that nobody notices."

Jeanna said...

And what of the smell we collectively wondered.

Alice Audrey said...

LOL; Beano and quiet farts.

Try partially sprouting the red beans. It may not cut out all the farts, but it cuts them way down.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I can't wait to read what you're writing NOW. How awesome.