Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas is coming--and I can't find rabbit ears...

My daughter wants rabbit ears for Christmas. Not TV ears, but genuine, pink on the inside, white fleece on the outside Japanese rabbit ears, attached to some kind of hoodie--preferably from Japan. Although if pressed, I'm sure she'll accept something from the States.

Seeing how she didn't bother to tell me until this morning, I can't very well "convo" with my nearest Etsy supplier and have something made. It's less than two weeks to Christmas, and with the way the roads are around here--I'm totally surprised the post office is getting through. From the skid-marks out in the circle, everyone else is having major problems. The ice hasn't gone away, instead some of the snow melted and turned into black ice. The stuff that makes you land on your back when you aren't looking? Like an idiot, I didn't run out (like the people I thought were idiots) and buy salt. So when I went to check the mail, I did a complete ninety degree angle.

My parka weighs five pounds and has all the heft of a feather bed. It surprised me, but with my hood up, it felt like falling into cotton balls. Since I have to go out tomorrow, you can bet I'm going to be right there, money in hand--buying bags of salt and bottles of windshield de-icer.

I have no idea what to do about the rabbit ear hoodie. Or how on earth I'm getting to downtown Seattle AKA North San Francisco and find parking near Salumi's for what my oldest son calls, "delicious meat". He wants artisanal pork products. Lucky for me, they're shelf-stable. Any kind of sausage that starts at nineteen dollars a pound had better be shelf-stable.

People always talk about parents who go into that rabid dog state. Cabbage patch, Wii, those Elmos. I totally have sympathy.


Anonymous said...

There's a place in Texas near an airport that ships their barbecue all over the world. Maybe you can have the delicious meat delivered? I'd help you with the rabbit ears, but my sewing machine isn't working and it kind of sounds like a picky "cosplay" thing.

Unhinged said...

Rabbit ears and sausage? (Bwahahaha!) Oh, the things people wantith.

Oh! I remember the year I told Oogie I wanted an unhinged screwdriver and she had all the salespeople at Sears looking at her like she was nuts. (It's a long story. Has nothing to do with Unhinged-ness, I really thought there WAS such a thing as an unhinged screwdriver.)

Be careful on that black ice, woman.

Kaige said...

At least they've mentioned something they want. *glares at her tight-lipped monsters*

When I first read the rabbit ears, I thought, ya know, I bet we have a pair here... but then I saw they had to be attached to a hoodie... oops. no go.

jodi said...

lol, Alice--you pegged it. My daughter is a cosplayer, Japanese goth cyberpunk.

Trust me, Andi. I am uber-careful

You know, Kaige, my youngest wants a video card. I'm kind of iffy about giving computer components. O.O

But, if not I'll have to listen to him all year. *sigh*