Tuesday, October 28, 2008

YAY! Squee and all that good stuff

I've finally finished my workshop handouts and notes, and lecture and drank way too much AMP. My gut hurts. BUT, I'm happy. This is my desk. It's a disaster area.

...this is my whiteboard. I need windex.

I'll say I won't do it this way again--run up against the deadline, but I'd be lying. I'm deadline driven. WOOT!!! It's all about the adrenaline.


Unhinged said...

Wait, wait, wait.

First pic. What IS that? A case of AMP?

(hah, hah, hee, hee)

You do NOT need Windex, thank you very much. You have a very neat white board.

What you need, see, are pom-poms. And an Go get 'em, girl! and a Sick 'em, Afdo! slogan of sorts.

(Afdo has always said FIDO to me, I dunoo why.)

Yes. It is TOTALLY about the adrenalin rush. Suck every molecule in, Cup. It's goot. It's goot. It's goot.

Alice Audrey said...

THAT's a disaster area? Pft!

jodi said...

uhm...yes indeedy, that is a case of AMP. I got tired of the tiny little four packs and went for the gusto. And sugar guarana powered caffeine adrenaline rush!!!!

uhm, I dunno Alice, I'm so anal-retentive, the idea of stacks of paper that aren't in clips, and NOT in order, AND used cans sitting on my desk...hey, it's hard to take. I have this umbrella stand (it's the tall blue and white thing) full of bags of chips and candy. A place for everything, and everything in it's place, lol....

and I was thinking of you today, whatever happened to your fanlit piece? Did you sub it, or put it away for now?

Kaige said...

I'm with Alice. What disaster area?
You should see my dining room table piled up with popcorn envelopes for Cub Scouts. I MUST finish that today. Then it's on to membership fun and frivolity.

Congrats on making your deadline! There's just something about the mix of adrenaline and caffeine. Heheh.

Alice Audrey said...

IT'S ONLY ONE LAYER DEEP! Which of course means it's clean. ;)

Which fanlit piece? I've done a lot of them.

deanna said...

Wahoo for you! Ditto that adrenalin. You're so practiced in white-boardiness, you'll be a great teacher.

Jeanna said...

I cannot function without deadlines.
And you call that a mess? If I could have found my desk in the last few weeks I would have looked for my camera then bulldozed the crap away from an outlet to recharge it and taken you a photo.
I like the new look.

jodi said...

lol--I think I'll be a great soapbox orator. (for a few hours at least, and do my "trust me, I know what I'm talking about thing"

damn it, dig for that camera, Jeanna. I've been looking at caramel apples way too long. :) And thank you, I like the brooding angsty look, (it suits my Heathcliff-esque-mood right now. :)