Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trouble-shooting the lecture that everything is firmed up, and I know where and what--I've been working on the actual nuts and bolts of my lecture. Lucky Liana, because she lectures all the time, (Liana is my partner at RWA)but I've never stood up in front of a group and talked about anything other than training issues.

It's probably the same thing (I'm hoping it's the same thing).

While I know "what", it' how to get that "what" across that I'm having problems with. I figure, a big fat sticky note easel board like the woman at the last GSRWA meeting would work well, and a bunch of handouts. I recently got the 08 lectures, and I'm blowing through them at the rate of three a day. (thanks to my understanding boss, and an earplug) Some are boring--seriously, very very boring. Some are...*shrug* okay. Only one sucked me in. I think--out of the series I have (06, part of 07 and now 08), there are only four lectures I'd listen to over and over again. Hague's two parter, From Identity to Essence. Eloisa James on Doing it Over Again (on continuing series), Writing is an Addiction by Sharon Sala (for the warm fuzzies)--and this year, Making a Living as a Romance Writer by Stephanie Bond.

Each lecture has everything I look for in a "keeper". Good solid info, a different way of looking at things, and "passion". Each person believes.

Well, I've got belief. And tomorrow--hopefully, I'll have handouts. (is that my way of saying stay tuned? Yeah, probably. Tomorrow? Page one)


Jeanna said...

Why not say it with chocolate. Pass out pieces and do a subjective time is a lot like a box of chocolates thang.

Unhinged said...

Heh, heh. Jeanna's got a point.

Anyway, Jodi, bring it on!

jodi said...

lol--the chocolate is a good idea. (cheap chocolate, the good stuff is for me)

yeah--working on it, Unhingey...(I feel like Cool hand Luke (working it, boss)

Alice Audrey said...

LOL. You just gave me a movie flashback.

I'll stay tuned for the hand outs. I'd stay tuned even without them.

Unhinged said...

Alice is such a brown-noser.

Yo, Alice. Where's your Day In Life Of post?

I know it's going to be good, especially if you let the writer inside loose. Spill dem details.

Alice Audrey said...

Sunday, of course. In place of a recipe.