Friday, September 26, 2008

Guess it was meant to be...

I'm going to a workshop the first weekend in November. It's called, "A Place on the Keeper Shelf: Layering for emotional resonance." By--*short bow* yours truly.

This far out, I'm wondering if anyone will show up. It's part of the Nanowrimo kick-off at my local library. But, I look at it this way--if no one shows, I get to eat all the cookies and guzzle juice. If someone does, by any chance, wander in, I get to dry run my RWA proposal. It's a win-win situation unless I choke, fall to the floor and die of embarrassment.

I've been working on emotional structure and subtext for years. If nobody asks weird off the wall questions do you join two independent phrases, and what are your thoughts on expletive construction, I should be fine. I never said I was a grammar maven. BUT, I recently got a sweatshirt with the slogan, "REVISE! You know you want to" (so cool...) I think it's going to be this years "writer" uniform.

Some people wear tweed and carry a journal, I wear a sweatshirt and carry a wad of squished copy paper in my back pocket. It's probably a genre thing.


Alice Audrey said...

LOL! I love the slogan!

I'd come to your lecture if I could get there in less than a day's drive.

Unhinged said...

I love that slogan, too. That's me all over. I am the revision queen, yep.

I'd come if I lived in the area. I might not ask good questions, I might just sit there and grin and take notes, but dang, I'd be there.

I wish all of my writer buds lived in WeHo.

(I wish I'd win the lottery.)

Kaige said...

I hear ya on the sweatshirt. Love the title too. You know I'd come if I was close enough!

Jeanna said...

I carry Milk Bones and Hi-Chew in my back pocket.
Congrats. You're always, like, achieving(i)(too lazy to do tags) something--what's with that?
(Is it you that hates hyphens and parentheses?)

jodi said...

*bows and brushes herself off* Thank you--(the best part is nobody laughed, lol)

nope, Jeanna--I love hyphens. I can't stand semi-colons, but that's a genre thing too. Thanks!!! Acheivement (I spell bad too, lol), only if I don't faint. (serious, there)

Unhinged said...

Uh, does Jenna EAT the Milk Bones and Hi-Chew?

prowd said...

I wish I could go, but I doubt I'd be brave enough to ask questions.

Jeanna said...

Yes to both.