Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holiday Memes?

...or my life in six words or less. Hmm.

Deanna caught me today, before I disappeared off into "catch up on the last two issues of RWR" ('das my project for today, read the issues. Or if not the issues, at least the e-notes I have in my in-box) She's doing a meme on life stories.

I love I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can, (the Barbara Gordon story)(I'm a writer. I collect words. Beautiful title) and Basho's Narrow Road to the Interior, which really isn't a biography, but the story of a trip Basho took with his friend, Sora.

Even this grass hut, may be transformed into a dolls house.

A good translator makes the words luminous.

It's why I could never get into The Art of War until I read the Clavell translation, or...Basho. Until I read the Shambala version.

I think...if I were to write my memoirs I would call it, Prithee Love, Remember Me. Because geek that I am, yes--I go around quoting (or in my case, horribly mangling) Shakespeare. I belonged to the Shakespearean Society in high school and spent hours memorizing Richard the Third.

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    Deanna said...

    Hey, thanks for playing. I can tell you're the wordy sort in the best ways. (I may even become brave and order your "spicy" book!) I'm motivated to read more Shakespeare. (If I blogged on Livejournal, I'd want one without ads, but I don't want to pay for it. Yes, I'm cheap.)

    Alice Audrey said...

    I have no will power. I am victum, here me whimper.

    jodi said...

    here me whimper. lol. Alice, anybody who can commit to serializing Suzie's House is not weak. That's a stern taskmistress.

    Kaige said...

    Hmmm. "Kaige, who might or might not--you can never tell"

    Hey, I'm usually a good sport about memes. Now, whether I'll actually tag someone else is often up in the air.

    I think I hurt my brain sewing DD's colonial costume this weekend. I laid it all out and cut out the pieces yesterday. Today was piece together the bodice (complete with ruffled sleeves edged with lace) and sewed up the side seams on the skirt. Tomorrow -- gather the skirt and attach it to the bodice and put the zipper in.

    It's a good thing I love her. LOL

    Six words?! Ugh. I'll have to think about that one.

    jodi said...

    yeah--you should have seen me thinking. It looks...deceptively easy. But then you go...uh?

    Alice Audrey said...

    Does it have to be six? I've got mine in three.

    jodi said...

    I think it can be any amount, but not over six, lol :)

    Alice Audrey said...

    Actually, I came up with 6 after all. I'll post it next Monday.