Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have a desk!

I probably said that already, but--yay!!! I have a desk. You can't imagine how hard life is without a place to call your own. A chair, a desk, a real genuine wall--with space I can hang pictures on, and tape sticky notes to.

It's black, with a black lamp, black chair--and, hey? That sounds It really isn't. As soon as I get some new batteries for my camera I'll take a picture. My mom calls it "plantation colonial". I call it the clearance special from Fred Meyer's. Guess we look at things differently.

I have so much enthusiasm, I did all my bills, set up my filing system, changed the addresses on everything and scared the hell out of the chat room at RD when I showed up to kid Jen about her cleavage.

(note to self, must show up more often)

I also did a couple pages of DG, and worked on my blog. So er...ta-dah.

Jodi's 7 part (or however many it takes, lol) series on the writing process.

My friend, Liana, who is absolutely the nicest person in the world--really--and the winner of the Eppie for contemporary fiction, AND the winner of the Golden Leaf, is doing me the kindness of contributing an article on "emotional depth" and how to make your story sing., never thought I'd do the guest blogger thing, but I know my limitations, and she can verbalize depth like no one else. So I'm thinking--maybe a post or two a week, very UNK-ish-like. Too bad I can't do the spiffy graphics.

hmmm, going along that train of thought, my choo-choo has come to the realization I know quite a lot of people with specialized knowledge. AND if I bring them all together in one spot, I'll have a nice comprehensive overview. So--sort kinda tagging some people.

Expect groveling e-mails.



Alice Audrey said...

This sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to the posts.

Contrats on the desk. I don't know where I'd be without mine.

jodi said...

aha, Alice--you will be hit up soon. In other words, a groveling email is headed your way--soon. Or as soon as I can considering how much I put off. :)

Jeanna said...

You are part of the human race again.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

LMAO!!!! This sounds awesome!

Unhinged said...

Woo-hoo for Jodi's new desk and that spark of enthusiasm!

And looking forward to the writing process posts, yes indeedy. For the CONTENT, man. Spiffy graphics not required.

I wish I'd been scared by you in chat...

Alice Audrey said...

Gah! But I'm not an expert on anything. Ok, I do all right with receivables and assets, but don't ask any tax questions, cause I do NOT live and breathe tax code.

jodi said...

Thank you Jeanna, yes--I think I am. Or working my way toward it. :)