Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The value of a good blurb

...I have always focused on writing (ok, other things, but mostly writing). I'm okay at queries, so-so at synopsizes--in other words, my non-fiction sucks.

But over the last few days, I've been reading my blurb over and over again--and I still like it. I wouldn't change a word. It's snappy and to the point. A little this side of overly sensational, but I sorta like that Saturday matinee feel.

Will she, or won't she? Tune in next week...

It just sort of came to me. I was watching a movie--a real one at the theater, and listening to the previews, and next thing you know, I was writing my blurb. I'm a big fan of previews. They get all the information out there, short and sweet. Just enough of a sound bite to get you buying more popcorn.

I've seen my blurb everywhere. Like in Coldstone? Like it, love it...I've started carrying a notepad around with me to work on the next one. I figure...a little bit each day.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

I SUCK at blurb writing. And I have to write a synopsis and a query for a submission this week.
Well, yours is a good blurb.
Now, how is Drop Dead and when will it be released? LOL.

Alice Audrey said...

You are so lucky to have come up with such a good blurb so easily. I'm on my seventh version for Zackly Right, and still don't like it.

Kaige said...

Preview trailers that you see at the theater are pretty good. I hate the ones they chop up into unrecognizable little pieces so they fit between Taco Bell and Verizon commericals and then LIE about the movie. I still haven't forgiven Hollywood for a couple of the tragedies they sold to the unsuspecting public as romcoms. Pbbbbtttthhhhtttt!

I can't believe I'm going for middle school orientation tonight. Agggh. DD's not REALLY that old, is she? How? When?

Miss Mae said...

I don't think I'm so good at blurbs either...*sigh*...Not sure about synopsis either...LOL..

Hey, it was great to see you at the chat today!


Unhinged said...

Heh, I know exactly what you're talking about.

I've even watched the perfect movie to go along with the "watch a movie preview". Ever seen THE HOLIDAY with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black?

Cameron's job is as a Hollywood movie blurb writer. She's so good at it, she has her own company. She can't live life normally, because there's always this MOVIE VOICE previewing her life in her head.

It's a cute movie. If you haven't seen it, you might wanna.

jodi said...

hmm, the Holiday huh? I have a voice in my head too.

Alice...you can always send me the blurb or post it on Divas and we can all take a shot at it, maybe you're too close.

Lol--Kaige, they DO lie. They do!!!

er, hem....Hi Jen *waving*

Hi Miss Mae, never did get back. Too much family stuff got in the way...