Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rain doesn't make the flowers sad

...y'know, I thought I could write this. Maybe I can't, and maybe I never will.

I had a traumatic life experience. Not that glossing it over with euphemisms makes it all better, or does anything but fuzz the edges. Cowboy, thanks for being there and letting me vent, and talk--and hell, all kinds of things. You made me laugh just in time, because I thought I was going to implode.

I love you, Jack, and I always will. See you later.


Dayna_Hart said...

hey hon. Whatever you're going through, there are people thinking of you and sending you our best wishes. No questions asked.

Unhinged said...

What Dayna said.

I'm sorry, Noodle Girl.

Kaige said...

Unconditional support coming right back atcha. *hugs* I'm glad Cowboy was there for support, but never think you're alone, Jodi. I've been sending good thoughts your way since the last post. I can only hope they helped.

Jeanna said...

Warm thoughts.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

You know how I feel. I'm thinking about you every day.
And say "thanks" to Cowboy for doing for you what I can't. He rocks.

Gwen Hayes said...

Thinking of you....and wishing you really good chocolate.