Friday, November 9, 2007

Trials of the terminally ocd

I have discovered new depths to my lust for office supplies. I've stolen three pens, and found a chicken sandwich one of the set-up crew left putrefying under the cash register. (the smell of rotted chicken is horrible, we're still trying to get it out). I also have no clothes because I haven't done laundry in days, haven't eaten anything beyond Chik-fil-a and Taco Bell in a week, and I'm seriously thinking about hooking the wireless card back into my laptop so I can email without leaving the store.

My wall fell down, the counters are crooked. There's a gaping CHUNK out of the floor where the previous tenants got mad at me and sledged the floor. (they wouldn't get out!!! So I made a nasty comment...) NEVER piss off the guy with the hammer.

AND my battery ran out twice because people won't stop calling. My team thinks it's funny. They're so damned grateful to be out of the loop when it comes to irate mall managers, and irritated truck drivers and people going in and out of the back door because it hasn't been rekeyed yet. And I DON'T HAVE A RESTROOM!!!! How lame is that?

ARGGHGH...yes, I'm ranting. Deep breath. Deep breath...

Another two days and all this will settle down and I'll sail off into the sunset with happy thoughts, but I sure would like a hot meal that doesn't come in a bag.


Unhinged said...

Holy cow, what's going ON?

Your WALL fell down? What wall is this?

So you recently kicked out a tenant who didn't want to leave, you're the head of some sort of team having to deal with customer service (good gawd) AND you're a kleptomanic.

Geesh, and I thought *I* was having trouble concentrating on my writing...

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Okay, that post was sufficiently frantic that I'm sending a TON of good thoughts your way.
Hope things improve for you.
How's Drop Dead Gorgeous going?