Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out to seminar

I've been kicking around today, dusting off my business casual stuff, even though--right, it's not really casual when you have to think about how you come across. The black pants, or the khaki's? A cardigan, or a blouse? A suit? A suit jacket and slacks?

Does it really matter when all I'll be doing is eating horriblechicken and nastystaledanish, and drinking iced tea? Can I bring my mp3 player? Will it look like I'm trying to avoid conversation? Can I steal pens?

LONG seminar. Long training seminar. BUT, while I'm struggling with my whole be-a-paid-writer gig, I need to eat. Even if it is horriblechicken.


Eva Gale said...

Can you wear pajamas? Everything is better in PJ's. Needing to go out now for a meeting and I'm seriously considering it.

jodi said...

lol, business casual only. But one day I'd like to be so big I CAN wear pjs. :)