Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm still not wearing the lips...

About two years ago, back in October of '06, I was checking out my local chapter. Again. For the fifth or tenth time.

I'd been there for the birth, vacated. Gone back a few times. Didn't fit in. And once in awhile, I'd go back for the annual conference, 'cause no matter what people say, you've gotta be with others of your own kind, and it was conference season. Maybe I just wanted some hotel food, I dunno.

So there I was--cruising the membership roster, wondering why the hell I wanted to go back, when I brought up the site's web mistress. Kristen Painter.

The conference didn't work for me, but that night, I followed Kristen's link to Romance Divas, like Dorothy running down her yellow brick road.

Like Dorothy, I'd lost something.

I lurked, watching--mostly CC and Sienna, sometimes Maria. One day, I took a deep breath and--asked for help. Kim put me in contact with a friend. His name was Andy, and we talked for hours. About planes and napalm. And he didn't laugh.

Not once.

My intro said, "Wow, you people really ARE nice", and in the two years since, I haven't changed my mind. So I'd like to say thank you--to Ginawelborn, who gave me hard truths no one else would speak. And my cp, Cowboy, who turned himself into a Diva to be with me. CC, Sienna and Grace.

And Jennifer Leeland/McKenzie, the chocolatey-vanilla diva, who kept coming at me until I found the right word for her.

I guess that word is friend, and I guess what I was looking for...was home.

Someone shined the bricks, and put out the welcome mat. It's been a long time, and I can't see the Emerald City, but...

...there's no place like home.


Diana Castilleja said...

It is kind of like that huh? Home... It's cool to know that no matter where you go, there's (almost) always someone there to greet you, to make you feel welcome and to share it all with you.

Morgan St. John said...

oh, wow. that's a winner, right there. So, flippin wonderful! :D I'm glad you're here because...and so many others have made my intro into Divaland just as great.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL! Oh THAT'S the word you found for me. Whew! I'm relieved.
I love hearing how people found Divas. And you're so lucky to have Cowboy.
Love this, Cup.

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

"I guess that word is friend, and I guess what I was looking for...was home."

I'm investing in the Kleenex company-cause this is ridiculous...sniff..LOL
Love it cup-and I agree-its home.

Romance Writer said...

Cup - this is great. Thank you for all you bring to RD and being willing to share stuff with those around you.

Alice Audrey said...

Hi Cup. thanks for extending that friendly hand my way when I was low.

jodi said...

Hey, that's what RD is all about. Family. I'm happy to know everyone, and I'm happy to be there. *aww, pass the kleenex* *sniffle*