Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Out to edit

Yeah, I've been gone for awhile. Listening to lectures in my car, and carrying a clipboard around with me because my laptop takes so long to boot and I haven't got around to figuring out an alphasmart. I have two days? Three days actually, to finish my edits and get Hot Contract in.

I've been thinking about Hague's lectures and wishing I could somehow attach them to my blog without copyright infringement. (everyone should listen to them) And getting all these rapid fire thoughts for my next book, AFTER my former SEAL teams trainer acquaintance stopped laughing at me over my, "so....if you were a drop dead gorgeous former spec ops solider...." (he said, "you do know that they don't like handsome spec ops. They're ugly or average, or just ordinary, because they have to blend." And I went, "er, in romances...." and he went, "well, in real life..." and I hit my head against the wall)

So Connor shouldn't exist. I can probably figure out a way to use that info. I can use most things. Probably have him hiding the way he looks. Like this...

Connor ducked down into his shirt and tugged the collar up over his head. “I hate this.”

anywho...just raw stuff, right?

...but I'm just meandering. I've got to go finish out my job job. My real-honest to goodness, I love you job. I had a crappy job, and still do most of the time, but I have this really nifty chance to do something I really want to do and I this time I'm not gonna miss my boat.

Gotta run.


Jeanna said...

We accept that all the action stars we see are handsome, why not this guy? If people wan't reality let them watch CSPAN.

jodi said...

ha! See I've figured out that he HIDES his handsome-drop dead gorgeousness. BUT he falls in love with a woman who is gorgeous, BUT in reality is pretty average. (still working on the rest, lol) (cspan *shudder*) I've got a whole CHAPTER!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY......