Monday, September 24, 2007

Every day, a new beginning

...I think I read that somewhere--probably in one of those twelve step books. I used to be a bookseller. I have a lot of weird stuff buried in my back brain about titles and shelf-placement, strong ops on bookmarks and odds and ends like that. Weird how jobs can influence more than the time you have a snack.

I recognized my life is hell years ago. But somewhere--again with the somewhere? I remember this book where it talked about how most problems can be solved with acceptance. Sort of like stoic philosophy taken sideways. Lol, I can just see Epictetus sitting himself down, sweeping his toga out of the way and saying, "yeah--well, shit happens. Deal with it." But really--most psychotherapy involves getting you to accept what's going on in your life so you CAN deal with it. So...

...if I accept that my life is pretty meh, I can accept the fact that I will have to pry my kid off the bed in the morning, work happens and everyone in the world will try to call me at midnight when they know I'm home.

BUT--I do have that new JR Ward to read, YAY!! Three bags of chocolate. (they were on sale at Target) And still savoring it...a one-sixteenth of a page, full-color ad coming out in the march issue of Romantic Times. Sure, I'll probably be in the lower left hand corner or right over the hot cover with the half nekkid stud, but still--what a rush.

Every day.

A new beginning.

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