Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Building a world...

World-building isn't just for sci-fi writers. Every time we write, we build a world, complete in itself, of people and places, and things that happen, like we're God or something.

I was over at RD, reading Amanda/Heather's post about people who set things in places they've never been and get it wrong. So...I'm setting DDG in Singapore. I had book two set in Honolulu, but I can't set everything in Honolulu. And I had all these throwaways in number one--setting up my series and leaving openings--to have Keegan start a branch somewhere in Asia, although I was thinking Hong Kong. (and he was too, but I'm sure he found out it's expensive, and decided on Singapore, 'cause he's a nice guy and wants me to be happy)

So I realize that I'm not creating Singapore the way it is--I'm creating Singapore, the way I want it to be. Like Liz Williams in her Chinese Demon detective series, she did Singapore as the nexxus between Heaven and Hell. I plan on Singapore--seen through the eyes of a guy who doesn't live there. See what I'm getting at? It's not going to have to be true to anything but streets and major landmarks, because Connor is not a local. So what if he says something wrong, or leaves his shoes on visiting a Buddhist temple? He doesn't belong.

It's like that film-maker thing where you shift the lens, or Brockmann's deep pov lecture. You experience your story through your hero's point of view.. Wonder why I never thought about it before. It's like spin-doctoring, or slant.

I was waffling over setting DDG in Honolulu. I know it inside out, never been to Singapore. Although I might give myself a trip a couple of birthdays out. But...Singapore works. It's the setting, I can feel it.

Now I just have to finish building StallingCO EAST. You're all invited to "A Hundred Years of StallingCO". Where the Stallings celebrate their unique blend of de Medici does Halliburton style of business, throw a gigantic gala, and I try to wipe them out. Good thing Connor is there to stop me, lol.

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