Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Awright!!!! Until Sunday then, and happiness at my new job...

I have a whole three days to get my edits in. Damn--I was pushing like I had a running start and the Outlaw Star. Glad. I'm totally off today and I have time! Lots and lots of lovely time. I think I'm gonna order Jen's book (have you got a copy yet? Go get one. Sounds good, although I think everything benefits from a dose of guns and gratuitous violence, lol)and buy more chocolate--yeah, I ate it all--and finish formatting that contest entry, and reading Kimberly's chapter...what a patient woman. One day she'll be big and I can say I knew her when...

I also got my store back. I mean--if you gotta have a part-time job, have a good one. This way I can do the manager thing for a few months, I don't burn out on it, and everyone including me is happy for the Christmas season. I'm thinking that I'm going to carry all the touchie-feelie stuff I learned at, current retail job--for a damned good company, btw--over to my own people. Things like "food in the breakroom" and treats for coming in on horrible days, and good job cards that get tossed in the lottery for nifty prizes.

And the transfer went well. I actually like my "new-to-me" job. The people are pleasant, the managers are nice, and yeah--it's good being part of a real team. I don't think I've ever worked in a job--my current part-time job excepted--where it doesn't suck. Let's edit that to say...I have worked good jobs, but they make up in niceness what they don't pay in money.

You gotta eat, like that Rally's song goes. Well paying jobs bite the big one.

Btw, Jen's Thursday thirteen got me thinking about sequels, not that I want to do a whole thirteen, but...the story I really liked was Barrayar. The sequel to Shards of Honor. Cordelia rocks!! And Aral is to die for. He's nowhere near handsome, and they never have on-page sex, but...damn, when the man starts talking about honor--*sigh*

And I really think Elizabeth Peters should have written another book after Night Train to Memphis, where Vicki goes home to Minnesota, gets caught up in a mystery and John gets to meet her family. I mean, c'mon--she met his mum. I think John needs to meet her dad.


Jennifer McK said...

yayyyyyy! I'm glad your new to you job is a good one.

Hope there's enough gratuitous violence in my book for you.

I never thought about the sequel for "The Night Train To Memphis" The Vicki Bliss series didn't do much for me.
I always wanted to see Jaquelyn Kirby get hitched after "Naked Once More".

jodi said...

lol, you mean after Peters did that take off on the first RT convention? You should have seen Love Train--the documentary. It was a hoot.