Friday, August 31, 2007

There's always light--sometimes you just need a hand-crank

Ever had one of those hand-crank flashlights? There's this little handle on the side where you crank it for about two minutes and it makes enough light for ten. My oldest son had one when he was about thirteen and I always made fun of it. Such a geek toy. Now they sell them as hurricane supplies. Go figure.

I bought a humong-o wad of chocolate yesterday. Ate enough starch to make myself sick and watched Lord of War. I should have watched Con-air, Nicholas Cage was hot in Con-air, but if you can't write--do research. Yuri has Tris's background in a sideways kind of way. Sad ending. Sort of like Miami Vice.

Good show. Just not something I'd watch for pleasure.

I think I'm better. The best thing about living with crap is you get used to what a shrink would call compartmentalization. (right...listen to me calling myself crazy) It's probably why I have so much empathy for damaged heroes, and Amy's survivor's guilt. You just...shut it off and try not to think about it.

I did spend two hours looking for answers, because even when you want to stop--it's hard to stop trying. And...I found this. YAY!

yeah--that link didn't work either. But it's a national organization for people with insurance who can't afford to pay for their prescriptions. They take phone applications once every six months, and the next application date is...ta-dah! Next week! It's not helping now, but it sure might help on the next go-around.

Time for more chocolate. I'm going to finish formatting that entry for the contest--maybe go for a walk. Get some real air and sunlight. Lol, I might unplug my laptop, find a bench and spend the day at the park working on that old regency. Something light and frothy.


HipFunkyJive said...

I'm sorry but i'm in friend withdraw...

Keep going. I like that you are working on lots of other projects!

I hate Ruby's without Master Joda. Small in stature though she was physically, inside and to my eyes shes larger than life. And better start seeing that she is both blessed and cursed, but mostly blessed. Push through, damn it. You will succeed.

HipFunkyJive said...

oh yeah send me that dialogue entry, the funny one. Please

Jennifer McK said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Do you get Monday off?

*sigh* LOVE Conair. (Don't tell anyone.)

jodi said...

hey, Jen. Monday isn't an off-day,although I have had a couple of half-days off. And it's been great sleeping, although I'm leery of getting all depressed. You tend to sleep when you're depressed.

Cowboy!!! Hey...forgot the dialogue entry. I'm gonna lift it in a minute.

C'mon, friends, right? That doesn't stop because we don't do saturdays anymore. Simply call...or text, or drop by on Tuesday. Or, I'll drop by on monday night (ok, maybe about friday morning?)You know me and William don't get along :)

Pax mein freund.