Monday, July 2, 2007

What to do when you can't write, and other thoughts from the Abyss...

...that sound you hear is me gently banging my head against the wall. No. I lie. Against the table. The wall is too far.

I can't write for beans, love or money.

I can however, input words into my laptop. And it's a damned good thing I have some stuff to put in. Little bits of paper and scenes I've been collecting for a goodly while now, odds and ends I thought I might use and never did.

I'm trying to put them in order. I think they just need a home.

I did find the "Fallon saves Rafe" scene--which on further consideration might never go into the book. But I can't find the "Corlis tracks Fallon down at Avatar" scene to save my life. It's just gone. I think I deleted it after my cp, the HipOne told me it was too far out over the edge.

Looking back on it, it was just...edgy. It needed to be there.

It still might be. I have to think about it. I can probably re-write it from memory, but the freshness won't be there. And that's an object lesson.


Find a home for it, in a file, or on disk--or at the end of your wip. I used to keep things there until I got tired of the mess. My laptop is old and creaky. It needed to breathe, lol. Or rather, it needs more memory, but for all practical purposes, it works fine. Unless I drop it and it dies on me.


Maybe it's just phases of the moon. They say, "start something as the moon is waxing" and revise and edit as the moon wanes. But of course, blue moons happen every two months. (And I didn't know that...hey! A blue moon happens once every two months. " once in a blue moon is every two months, lol" I must be tired....) Then again, writing according to the phases of the moon is a little extreme.

Maybe I need to get some sleep.

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