Saturday, July 7, 2007

Finding the good

...I've never been much of an optimist.

Which is sort of the world's biggest understatement. Pessimists are me? Yeah, I can find a downside to any silver lining, just show me the cloud.

I'm going to hit that edit-wall. I know it. Laura says I've got too many people, and yeah--others have told me that before. I have what Brockmann calls the "Cast of Thousands" syndrome.

I like my people.

I also like the idea of having my people see daylight after all that time sitting in the darkness of my head. So *weighing out the options* maybe a couple of people get condensed or altered, or...*WAH!* I love Tris. I think Percy AKA Val, is just too cool, and Raphael is what's left of Ryelander after moving cross genres and forward two hundred years. *looking around* I wonder what she'll think of Jacey? any other life choice, writing is a group effort. You can't do it alone, and I think that's what made publishing so hard. I was almost too set, it's only when I loosened up that I let people talk to me and I could start that "growth curve". Right. I didn't say learning curve.

I said "growth curve", because sure it's about learning, but I think the biggest change in me is the growth I've made as a writer and person.

Edits? Bring 'em on. Like that song goes, "you can have miracles if you believe". And yeah.

I believe.

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