Sunday, June 10, 2007

Odds and Ends and weird stuff like salted caramels

I know, It's not about writing. But salted caramels from Fran's in Seattle. Whoa. Salted caramels. It's like an epihany, (not that the Belgians and Dutch didn't do it first, but still...)all salty and sweet--and from Fran's. I mention Fran's in my book 'cause it's just that cool. And uber-super expensive, but hey--that's beside the point.

And it's "grey" sea salt. None of that normal regular, pour it on your eggs stuff for Fran's fifty six dollar a pound caramels. Corlis would be in heaven.

I wonder how a food and writing blog would take? Food--shifting the hands around--writing? Food writing, lol. Yeah, right. No cookbooks here.

Anyway, my mom keeps mentioning the fact that I'm not Amy Tan., I'm not. *surprise!!* But I do have American-Asians in my stuff, I mean, doesn't that count? I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired, and I don't write "real" fiction. I want to have a good time. I work all day, I come home, I want to escape somewhere I get my happy ending and the good guys are heroic and kind of sexy and the heroines can deal with all the stuff that life throws at know, in a heroic kind of way where Indy's hat always comes back, and the Jedi is always right, and Wesley will brave death for True Love.

I'd also like an egg, sort of like Sam Vimes in Prachett's Watch series. That someone else has cooked for me, and maybe it's still a little warm, with a little of that gray sea salt. I'm hungry and I work too much, I need to get off the computer and go write.

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