Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hoo-yeah, got an author page

This is too cool.

I have a page that I didn't pay for--with my name on it! It's got my picture and stuff--bland stuff, s'true, but it's stuff about me. The people at Wild Rose are spiffy fast. This whole thing has been a good experience from start to finish.


er, you might have to copy paste, because I'm still learning this tech-stuff. *squee* jumping around *squee!!"


Travis Erwin said...

Cangrats! What is Blue Jolt?

jodi said...

lol, you have never heard of Blue Jolt? The gods gift to writer-kind? It's brain-power in a can. It's insta-brain. It's all that and MORE. All in a handy pint sized can of fizzy electric blue sugar-powered caffeine. Buy some now at your local 7-11 or from Wet Planet (20 dollars for a 12 pack)

And thank you for the congratulations!!!! I'm still hopping with glee, and probably too much caffeine.