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"mostly official bio"

Jodi Henley is a craft of writing geek. Back in the early days, she was a firm believer in talking heads, passive voice, and lots of sex. After a writer's intervention (thank you, Gina Welborn) during which she was pointed to RWA, the PRO loops, and handed a ten pound wad of paper with descriptive words, she was even more confused. These days, she believes in the power of story structure, the transformational character arc, emotional under-structures and focal points--and she has finally owned up to the fact that she likes sex.

When she's not sleeping, Jodi likes to spend time trying out her workshops to make sure they're pragmatic, easy to use, and simple to understand. She firmly believes that if you're going to set yourself up as a craft teacher, what you say needs to be workable. She also believes in paying it forward. If she's helped you over the years, the next time there's an opportunity--light a candle in someone's life and be a force for good. There are a lot of writers out there who give up, and we can "fix" that, you know?

 *unofficial bio*

I grew up in Hawaii, and if you've seen "Wonder Years"--yeah, that was my life. Doing the early mall-rat, hanging out and exploring old Hawaiian temples and fish-ponds. I never liked the beach, but maybe it's because Hawaii has mountains like Chinese picture scrolls, tall and knife-edged with staircases carved into the rock face. I remember climbing the Haiku Staircase up to the top, pushing through the scrub and wild thimbleberries. The air smelled like forever, and hell--I wanted to stay up there forever, letting the wind blow away my thoughts while I soaked up the sun like a lizard.

Around the time my kids grew up, I started writing seriously and finished a book loosely based on a subject that had always fascinated me, the Hawaiian Inter-Island Geothermal linkage. The reviews were good, but I wasn't happy. I wanted more. I began studying, and somewhere between the transformational character arc and Poetics Today discovered a calling.

I am a firm believer in organic writing and characterization. Some people call that pantsing, I call it using your subconscious writing processes in an intuitive way. It's my platform, my baby--and so help me, when I die, I hope it's my legacy.

If you like my stuff, tell a friend. If you believe in the journey, come join me.

Thanks for checking me out.

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