Jodi Henley Workshops for 2019

Workshops for 2019


Great Blurbs Fast!

Description of Workshop:

Book blurbs holding you back from moving ahead? No interest in taking a long class? Get in and get it done in one day! This blurb intensive is designed for the working writer. If you have a plan and a series, an idea for a connected universe, or just need to take your current blurbs up a notch, this workshop is for you! Join NYT bestselling author, Dianna Love, author of Break Into Fiction and professional developmental editor, Jodi Henley, for a solid day of go-at-your-own-speed lessons and real-time feedback.

What is required to be prepared for this class?

Bring your blurbs (limit 2) or thoughts, and covers if you have them, and load them ahead of time, so we can spend the day focused on your needs. Get it all done in a day and call it a day. Why stress over blurbs when you could be writing? Plan ahead and pack your war chest full of blurby goodies all ready to go when you’re ready to go!

Will there be homework and feedback?


Additional Information:

Load your material the day before the class, or upload some thoughts on your series, universe or books, so we’re familiar with your work. It’s not necessary to have a completed book. Get your blurbs done ahead of time!

More info to come!

4/10 Jumpstart Your Story in 1 Day!
4/23-24 Two Day Story Outline Fix! (this is a "bring your own outline" kind of thing)
7/20-22 Great Serials Sell! (Two day workshop)

Patreon Workshops *

1/10 Fabulous Character-Based Hooks!
2/20 Subtext in Dialogue

* All Patreon workshops are $2 a month for full access. You are welcome to do the exercises whenever you'd like and post your material for feedback, or ask questions. The workshops are smaller, and more tightly focused.

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