Jodi Henley Workshops for 2018

Workshops for April through August 2018

1st Chapter Critique

May 9-August 15th 2018, drop in and out, continuous sign-up

Description of Workshop:

Readers, editors and agents often stop reading after the first chapter, even if the first few pages are fabulous. Why does that happen? The story took too long to get moving, the readers didn't engage with the character, it was confusing, there was too much information, there wasn't enough information, they weren't hooked enough to continue ... and so on. There are a lot of reasons to put a story down. It's your job to force your reader to keep turning pages. Professional editor Jodi Henley can pinpoint issues quickly and give you specifics to improve your opening and create strong support for the rest of your story There's a saying in the publishing business that "the opening sells the first book and the ending sells the next book." You may have an explosive story deeper in, but the reader will never know if they put the book down or aren't caught by the sample. Take advantage of this special offer to have the first chapter (limit 25 pages) of your story reviewed by an editor who knows what she's doing. Grab your readers from the start and don't let go.

What is required to be prepared for this class?

Fiction and Narrative nonfiction welcome. Please NOTE the following:
A) Bring a Word document or PDF of your chapter (***limit 25 pages***) and in proper manuscript format: Double spaced, 1" borders all around, 12 pt font (normally Courier or Times New Roman). No fancy fonts. Nothing improves your story more than solid writing. You don't have to stop in the middle of a sentence. Find a good place to stop after the end of a sentence within those twenty five pages. Any additional pages will not be critiqued. 
B) Only upload one 25 page chapter (Not your entire manuscript or any additional chapters). 
C) Once you enter the classroom (it opens 24 hours before the workshop starts), look at the top left side of the page. You'll find the place to load your homework where only you and Jodi will be able to access the pages.

Jodi would also appreciate it if you'd also bring your ending (the last chapter or your thoughts on what you want to use as your ending) and a 1-2 page synopsis or free form ramble of what your story is about. Because she's a developmental editor, she likes to make sure everything works together to produce a cohesive whole.

Will there be homework and feedback?


Additional Information:

You may enter this workshop at any point during the time it is available. You can submit your 25-page chapter and supporting material until the last day. The classroom will remain open for 20 additional days after the workshop ends so that you can review any comments posted by students and Jodi. This will also allow her time to complete the pages and return them to the students.

Ask Us Anything!


If you have questions, NYT bestselling author, Dianna Love, who co-authored Break Into Fiction and professional developmental editor, Jodi Henley, have answers. 

Are you a new writer with a story, but not sure what happens when it’s done?
Are you experienced writer with questions on marketing?
Are you traditionally published and wondering about Indie Publishing?
Are you just curious about what it takes to write and publish a book?
Do you wonder what the difference is between a character arc and a story arc, and if you really need one?
Do you want the pros and cons of starting with a question, opening in the middle of the action, or starting with exposition for “your” story?
How can you fix an unsympathetic or just plain boring protagonist?
Nobody seems to be connecting with your heroine ... is there a way to make people understand her?

Bring your questions to a nurturing atmosphere where there really is no stupid question. We were
new at one point, too. We asked a million questions, and still do.

Jodi Henley is a professional content editor who works with writers at all stages in their careers. She specializes in character-driven stories and people who’ve hit the limits of what they can do by themselves. She loves questions and works hard to create carefully thought out, personalized answers.

Dianna Love is a New York Times bestseller who was originally published in New York with the first book she wrote. When the Indie market developed to the point of being sustainable, she made the decision to go in that direction in spite of a current contract offer and has never looked back.

Spend a day with two people who understand this business and enjoy talking to writers..

What is required to be prepared for this class?

Bring your questions and curiosity! 

Will there be homework and feedback?


Additional Information:

Much as we'd like to help, we can't critique your work - that's a different workshop. Please understand that we can suggest ways to help yourself, offer opinions, or direct you to resources that might work for you, but due to time constraints and wanting to answer everyone's questions, we're unable to work with a writer's story one-on-one in this Q&A workshop.

Great Blurbs Fast!!


Back by popular demand ('cause it keeps selling out)!

Book blurbs holding you back from moving ahead?

Very possible since that’s one of your strongest selling tools.

No interest in taking a long class?

We hear you and have the answer. Get in and get it done in one day! This blurb intensive workshop is designed for the working writer.

If you have a story, a plan and a series, an idea for a connected universe, or just need to take your current blurbs up a notch, this workshop is for you! Join NYT bestselling author, Dianna Love, author of Break Into Fiction and professional developmental editor, Jodi Henley, for a solid day of go-at-your-own-speed lessons and real-time feedback. If you're tired of workshops that promise to help and give you an "atta boy" or two sentences in exchange for your time and money, this is for you.

Bring your blurbs or thoughts, and covers if you have them, and load them as soon as you enter the website classroom (simple instructions will be at the top of the page) the day before the workshop starts, so we can review your material and determine your needs ahead of time (saving "you" time!). Also learn how to expand your finalized blurbs for longer descriptions or condense them for taglines and ads.

Why stress over blurbs when you could be writing? Plan ahead and pack your war chest full of blurby goodies all ready to go when you’re ready to go! Get your blurb nailed down and leave with the personalized tools to create more!

What is required to be prepared for this class?

Load up to two blurbs and covers (if you have them) the day before the workshop starts. The classroom always opens a day early. Just log in and enter through your dashboard – instructions will be stated at the top.  If you don’t have a blurb, simply let us know what your book is about, plus any additional thoughts on your series, universe or other books, which will help us to quickly identify key elements of your story.

It’s not necessary to have a completed book. Create your blurbs ahead of time to do advance promo.

Will there be homework?


Additional Information:

Although there won't be homework, there will be lots of feedback as you work through your blurbs!

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