Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wrap up on the Portland workshop, Practical Emotional Structure Part 2 coming out, and workshop starting soon

Whew, it was a long trip down to Forest Grove, OR and the Rose City Romance Writer's Spring Retreat. The good thing was that it was a beautiful day for driving, nice and overcast, not too hot. The bad thing was that I didn't realize my car (an absolute tank!) doesn't like going seventy. Not that I like going seventy, either, so I guess we're well-matched.

The workshop went well. Nobody threw pens at me, or disappeared never to be seen again--which would have sucked, since I'm guilty of disappearing from boring workshops at Nationals and kept thinking--please don't let this be a case of karmaisabitch. I only shook and stuttered for the time it took me to get used to all those eyes staring at me. My fault, I'll admit it. If I hadn't cornered Jenna Bayley-Burke for pictures, and she hadn't caught me with my eyes closed and mouth open, I wouldn't have lost my self-confidence. You know something is bad when the person taking your picture says, "Uh, that's a bad one."

It's funny how you can know something to be true, but don't really "know" it until you're confronted with the evidence, but my mental self-image of myself got stuck at forty. The whole growing older thing doesn't really work for me, and I've got to wonder why I was hunched over.  Lack of coffee probably. Later in the morning, I got some food in me and felt like the hungry caterpillar (and he ate a nice green leaf and felt much better).

The venue was fabulous. The room was a lot bigger than I expected, and the building looked more like something back east, rather than part of a hotel in the middle of Oregon.

The Rose City Romance Writers were great, and managed to get me into a bar. No, wait--that was also Jenna. Lucky for me I don't drink, so there are no pictures of me (with my eyes closed and mouth opened) sprawled under a table, hugging someone's leg.

I had a wonderful time, got to talk to lots of people who shared my fascination with geeky story theories and managed to visit with EJ Russell and Cynthia Young. I also got to see what a scooby snack is, and couldn't figure out why anyone would call them scooby snacks when "mini corn dogs" are so much cooler. Maybe it's just me, but that scene in Kim Possible where Ron is in Senor Senior Sr.'s evil lair, and there are mini corn dogs is a classic. I mean, little did we know that Senor Senior, Jr. was really Kim's soul mate all along--and what does that mean to Kim and Ron??!

By the time I finally started for home, I was exhausted and needed to stop for a double shot mocha frappe. I've heard of Dutch Bros, but never had a chance to try them, They were super busy and had a guy taking advance orders from the line of cars. Starbucks is way overrated, because this coffee didn't just give me brain freeze, it ate the tired and cleaned my teeth at the same time--talk about strong.

I was about halfway home (kicked back, drinking my frappe at a rest stop) before I realized I'd just written Practical Emotional Structure part 2, lol. The cover should be going up at Amazon soon, and the arcs should be going out in another week or so, depending on my workload. Maybe I just needed some kind of deadline or something, because it's weird how it all came together.

I've got a workshop at All Writer's starting this coming up Sunday. It's all about conflict and motivation, so if you have a saggy middle or bad pace and want a little help (or a lot of help, I tend to live in my workshops) come on over. I really like the All Writer's format. It's a lot more like an online school, and less public, so if you're shy or don't like the exposure of a forum, this would work a lot better for you.


deanna said...

Can't help but say I think your picture is cute. :)

I'm glad you were in Oregon! and got to visit Dutch Brothers! They're our common sight around Eugene (but I don't drink coffee so don't go there -- I would've likely gone with friends to a bar to feel nicely woozy after a margarita.)

Looks like you're having fun with workshops. I look forward to your new book. :)

Jodi Henley said...

Thanks Deanna! Whew, Dutch Brothers is definitely on my list when I have to drive :) That's some strong coffee.

The workshops are going well :) And I hope you enjoy ES 2. I love it to pieces, it's so...functional? Anyways, it works great. I've tested it for years. :)